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Diane Kalen-Sukra


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Barrett Values Centre - Certified Consul

Diane was born with the gift of encouragement and desire for everyone to thrive and meet their potential.


Her core belief is that as social beings, we flourish in healthy sustainable communities where good governance, servant leadership and compassionate culture support the well-being of all. 

Over the past 25 years, this passion has taken Diane across the country in senior leadership roles in countless communities as CBC television producer, documentary maker, columnist and blogger, entrepreneur, community organizer, national representative of Canada's largest public sector organizations, to multi-award winning municipal Chief Administrative Officer.

Diane is a keynote speaker, coach and author of two books: Save Your City, published by Municipal World & Civic Resilience: COVID-19 & Beyond, published by Public Sector Digest. She is also a media commentatorfounder of Kalen Consulting and subsidiary Kalen Academy.

Certified Compassionate Integrity Facili
Local Government Management Association

Diane is an educator and certified culture transformation consultant with the Barrett Values Centre and certified compassionate integrity facilitator with Life University's Centre for Compassion, Integrity & Secular Ethics.


She  is a graduate of University of Toronto's Trinity College political science and philosophy specialist undergraduate program and holds a Master's Degree from York University in political science. She has municipal law and administration training from the University of Victoria and is a Certified Municipal Clerk with the International Association of Municipal Clerks. Diane is a member of BC's Local Government Management Association (LGMA) and the Government Finance Officers Association of BC (GFOABC).


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The ideal community is one in which an injustice to one is an injustice to all.


Athenian lawmaker, c. 638 BC - c. 558 BC

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