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Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT)® for Civic Leaders

Centre for Compassion, Integrity & Secular Ethics

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University Certificate Program | ONLINE

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1pm - 3pm EST / 10am - 12 pm PST
TUESDAY, MAY 17, 2022 - JUNE 16, 2022

Scholarships available based on need. Email request here.

Diane Kalen-Sukra

Diane Kalen-Sukra, MA, CMC


Barrett Values Centre
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Certified Compassionate Integrity Traini

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Uncertain and turbulent times call for ethical and resilient civic leadership.


In this 5 week (2 sessions a week) interactive program, learn to cultivate the values and leadership skills required to enhance empirical and ethical decision-making and increase personal, social and environmental well-being.

Examine ways that civic leaders can shift their political, organizational and community culture from reactive and short-term to proactive and long-term decision-making and operations. Align your municipality behind a shared purpose the enhances the wellbeing of all and fosters sustainable service delivery.

Are you a Mayor, Councillor, Chief Administrative Officer, Senior Staff person and/or Asset Manager wanting to join a national cohort of resilient civic leaders who are fostering this culture at the Council/Board table, in their organizations and in their community?

Learn from distinguished civic leaders including Mayors of communities big and small to natural assets champion CAO & Chief Resiliency Officer Emanuel Machado of the Town of Gibsons to servant leader champion CAO Steve Kanellakos of the City of Ottawa to experts like Mary W. Rose, CEO of the Canadian Urban Institute.

The course is hosted and delivered by educator, author, culture transformation expert and asset management champion Diane Kalen-Sukra, MA, CMC of Kalen Civic Academy.

By covering a range of skills from self-regulation, relating to others ethically and with compassion to engaging with complex systems, this training builds towards compassionate integrity: the ability to lead in accordance with one's values with a recognition of our common humanity, fostering trust and social cohesion―the key to resilient workplaces and communities.

compassionate integrity training life un

Compassionate Integrity Training® is based on cutting-edge developments in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, trauma-informed care, peace and conflict studies, and contemplative science. It builds off of work done by Daniel Goleman (author of the book Emotional Intelligence) and Peter Senge, initiatives in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), and other areas. Its development has been aided by the collaborative work of a team of experts with both academic and applied backgrounds.

Graduates of this online program will receive a certificate from Life University's Center for Compassion, Integrity & Secular Ethics based in Georgia, USA. Participants must attend a minimum of 8 of the 10 online sessions to receive their certificate.

Participants include diverse civic and community leaders, from Mayors, Councillors, Board members and senior municipal staff to culture/well-being organizational representatives, non-profit directors and community builders.

The time commitment for this course is 2 hours via Zoom twice each week for the 10 sessions (20 hour total). While there is no formal homework, participants are asked to spend time in between sessions reflecting, journaling & engaging in personal practice of the skills learned.




  • Calming Body & Mind

  • Ethical Mindfulness

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Self-Compassion

  • Reactive/Proactive Thinking

  • Resilience Zone


  • Impartiality & Public Servant Ethos

  • Civic Values & Ethics

  • Psychological Safety & Inclusion

  • Transformational Leadership

  • Empathetic Concern & Compassion


  • Appreciating Interdependence

  • Systemic Violence, Injustice, Culture

  • Long-term stewardship

  • Engaging with Discernment

  • Culture Change/Transformation

Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions for all.

Sustainable Development Goals


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Meighan Wark

CAO, Huron County

In times of great uncertainty senior leaders need to be both resilient and have finely honed critical thinking skills. This course allows you the opportunity to develop the tools necessary to continue to evolve in both areas. Using science and global philosophy as frameworks, Diane Kalen-Sukra guides you to explore the importance of integrity and ethical servant leadership models as well as develop your own practices to share or promote within your workplace. For some, you’ll be reassured that you are already on the right track. Others will have their minds opened to the possibilities. During a year of managing complex systems during a pandemic, attending this course for two hours a week is like experiencing a warm, soft breeze during a chaotic storm. I highly recommend Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders.


Owen M. Torgerson

Mayor, Valemount

I highly recommend Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for elected officials, senior management and team leads, especially in these unprecedented times. From identifying triggers to grounding to self-compassion, course instructor Diane Kalen-Sukra redefines what it means to be an effective, ethical leader for the betterment of our communities and organizations.


Rebecca Dechert Sage

CEO, North Perth Public Library

This has been the most validating training I have received in my career as a CEO of a Public Library in Ontario.  Diane Kalen-Sukra weaves lived experience with a wealth of knowledge of the history of humanity into a well-rounded course rooted in theory and practice.  The tools and discussions relate specifically to my work as a civic leader, make me understand that my experiences and struggles are not unique to myself alone, and affirm the vital role of our services to a community.

Dennis Buchanan_edited.jpg

Dennis Buchanan
Mayor, Alert Bay

Wow, am I ever glad I decided to take Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders with Diane Kalen-Sukra. She has an easy, relaxed and soft-spoken way of instructing while she gets the best out of all of the course participants. You learn things about yourself that not only help you deal with life’s stresses, but build up your resiliency skills as a civic leader. My recommendation to our next Council is that they all take this training. In fact, I highly recommend this course to anyone in public life or management.

Jennifer leach_edited.jpg

Jennifer Leach
Councillor, Lillooet

What an incredible and timely course! Diane Kalen-Sukra speaks to the history of leadership and how compassion is a lost social value that leaders can help cultivate. We were able to relate to each teaching point and to fellow classmates dealing with current issues. The ongoing support offered afterwards, is a priceless lifetime gift too. I highly recommend taking the course if you are in a leadership role in public organization.

Gary Sulz.jpg

Gary Sulz
Mayor, Revelstoke

With all the incivility and narcissism prevalent in today's world, I had been led to believe that my compassion and empathy were the wrong qualities for leading my community.  This Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders course taught me that, in fact, they are the very qualities required to make sound and beneficial decisions for my community.  I will be forever grateful for this course and to Diane Kalen-Sukra for offering it.

Aurpa Deb Nath.jpg

Aurpa Nath

Corporate Asset Management, Regina

The Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders course provided me with an amazing opportunity to better understand my core values and cultivate the skills required to be a successful civic leader. I enjoyed the course contents, the examples shared were relevant and the accountability partner exercises were impactful. Diane Kalen-Sukra’s wisdom and knowledge, kindness, and continuous support helped me enormously to make progress in my leadership journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with Diane and the rest of the class participants. I highly encourage other civic leaders to complete the certification program.

Ginger C. Sherlock

Ginger C. Sherlock, MA

Emergency Program Coordinator, City & Township of Langley

Within the course, Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders, one is transported to understanding the birthplace of civility, the responsibilities of civic duty, and the power of a community collectively affecting change. Students go from being at the ground level, looking within, to viewing the 5,000 and 10,000 foot levels, looking at their community and beyond. This course reminded us of our personal focus, shared the importance of an organization’s core values, and provided ways to connect and empower others. Only through collective and respectful dialogue can we build resilience at any level, and at all levels.

Ginger C. Sherlock
Bill Sims.jpg

Bill Sims
GM, Eng. & Public Works, Nanaimo

The human family is evolving to a global society, where mutual helpfulness and service to others will be at the forefront of thinking and action.  Civic leaders are on the front lines of change, and need to support each other in meeting the challenges before us. We know of the concepts of holding on to core values, public service and community building, knowing and being true to oneself.  Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders calls for response, reflection and action of its participants – how can we apply fundamental human values in relationships with others in our professional lives?  For after all, coherent lives mean we are the same person with ourselves, our families and with the communities we serve.  Diane Kalen-Sukra calls us back to our core beliefs and encourages a re-centering of our thinking, grounded in service. She provides gentle encouragement that results in enlightening and delightful insights.

Lisa Washington

Lisa Washington

Community Development Manager, City of Yorkton, SK

I found this program, Resilient Civic Leadership: Compassionate Integrity Training for Civic Leaders, at exactly the right time.  It has given me additional resources and tools to use while providing quality public service amid ever-changing COVID restrictions. In addition, of course everything is transferable to supporting colleagues, family and friends through this turbulence.  The information and exercises in the class helps maintain the calm, connectedness and clarity required to get through these trying times as a public servant, and a person.

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